Decorative Cabbage–Kapusta Ozdobna

Decorative Cabbage

This is the time of year when flower gardens start to look tired. However there are a few plants that love the cooler temperatures and brighten the fall garden. Chrysanthemums, asters, pansies and ornamental kale are some popular fall selections.

Ornamental kale, Brassica oleracea var. acephala, adds a splash of color during the fall and early winter. This is one of the few plants that offer color with foliage rather than flowers. Leaves are produced in a tight rosette and can be curly, ruffled or featherlike. The outer leaves are typically blue-green while the centers are brightly colored red, pink, purple, green, yellow-green or creamy white.

Kapusta 02

Kapusta 03

Kapusta 05 AB

Kapusta 04

Kapusta 01

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67 Komentarzy

  1. These sprouts have beautiful colors to brighten the fall.

    5 listopada 2014 o 14:58

  2. … et c’est vraiment magnifique Marko ! Chaque saison a ses beautés bien à elle !
    Bonne et agréable poursuite de ce mercredi !

    5 listopada 2014 o 16:08

  3. Hemosas flores en ese cuadro******

    mi cariño****Marko !!!!!!

    buen fin de semana!!!!!!

    5 listopada 2014 o 16:24

  4. que de belles fleurs, des choux ornementaux

    5 listopada 2014 o 16:38

  5. Marko, das sind Klasse Fotos. LG. Wolfgang

    5 listopada 2014 o 17:06

  6. Superb series on decorative cabbages and they are eaten moreover. Congratulations.
    Beautiful end of evening Marko.

    5 listopada 2014 o 17:07

  7. Bonjour Marko, j’avais laissé un message mais je vois qu’il n’apparaît pas… Ces fleurs d’automne sont magnifiques, les couleurs sont superbes! Bise et bonne fin de journée tout en douceur!

    5 listopada 2014 o 17:44

  8. Ana G.

    Preciosas y originales para alegrar el alma en los dias frios que se acercan.
    Un saludo

    5 listopada 2014 o 18:09

  9. ..Ils sont vraiment beaux !!! Pour autumn et en hiver, où tout se, ces fleurs apportent de la joie et de la lumière dans grises.¡¡¡Felicitaciones de soins de jour Marko par ces merveilles !!! Un gros câlin et bon week-end!!!.

    5 listopada 2014 o 20:17

  10. Olá meu querido, Marko
    Belas flores !

    6 listopada 2014 o 00:29

  11. Love!

    6 listopada 2014 o 00:41

  12. Danke lieber Marko ist wunderschön tolle Farben liebe Grüße und ein gutes Wochenende für dich.Gruß Gislinde

    6 listopada 2014 o 11:40

  13. Rebecca Antolini

    it is wonderful.. have a nice day dear Marko

    6 listopada 2014 o 12:17

    • Stunning flowers… I am blown away by their beauty… Best wishes to you, dear Marko. Aquileana 😀

      6 listopada 2014 o 13:40

  14. These flowers are wonderful, their colors are so vibrant and fresh. Thanks for sharing lovely photos 🙂

    6 listopada 2014 o 12:44

  15. Stupendo … adoro i fiori ottimo consiglio per avere un giardino colorato anche d’inverno… un caro saluto … Franca

    6 listopada 2014 o 13:11

  16. Bonjour Marko
    C’est photos de choux sont magnifiques
    Je te souhaite de passer une excellente fin de semaine et un très bon week end
    Amicales pensées

    6 listopada 2014 o 13:50

  17. Bonjour Marko,
    Tes photos de choux décoratifs sont magnifiques. L’automne est une bien belle saison.
    Bien amicalement

    6 listopada 2014 o 14:21

  18. oh les belles couleurs , j’adore ces tons parme , rose ! merci de ton passage chez moi ,bonne fin de semaine

    6 listopada 2014 o 14:30

  19. Beautiful ornamental kale.
    The colors are great.
    Best regards, Irma

    6 listopada 2014 o 14:37

  20. Merci pour ce beau partage….c’est de toute beauté…Amitié

    6 listopada 2014 o 14:49

  21. Magnifique! Superbe , merci

    6 listopada 2014 o 15:43

  22. It is really pretty.

    6 listopada 2014 o 16:41

  23. Ciao Marko bellissimi colori,
    Mi hai fatto ricordare che in America di questo periodo mio figlio li pianta nei guardini e durano per tutto l’inverno,fà il giardiniere:-)
    Un salutone.

    6 listopada 2014 o 17:52

  24. Wonderful selection of ornamental plants… the Chrysanthemum is a very old flower, I understand that it has its origin in China by the year 1500 BC and was later introduced to Japan, around the 8th century, and the Emperor of Japan adopted it as the flower of the imperial seal. There is a „Festival of happiness” in Japan as homage to this flower. In both countries, is a flower that represents happiness and nobility. The flower was brought to Europe in the 17TH century. Linnaeus named it with the Greek prefix Χρῦς (krysous)-: Gold (colour of the original flowers), and the superlative ending ἄνθεμον (anthemon) from τὸ ἄνθος (flower). Modern chrysanthemums are more decorative than the wild and there are many colors. Asters or stars are also beautiful, and very beautiful thoughts, but I think the ornamental cabbages are wonderful…!!! Precious photographs dear friend Marko. Hope you have a great weekend… A hug…with love..

    6 listopada 2014 o 18:15

  25. Very beautiful colors of these ornemental cabbages.
    Thank you for your passage on my blog
    Good week

    6 listopada 2014 o 18:17

  26. Very nice shots of these decorative vegetables Marko.

    6 listopada 2014 o 18:50

  27. We have them here also and what a lovely colors for this time of the year.

    6 listopada 2014 o 19:01

  28. Sono bellissimi, cosi’ colorati, un caro saluto a te! Laura.

    6 listopada 2014 o 22:15

  29. Marko, these are truly so beautiful! I especially love the purple one.
    I hope you are having a beautiful week, sweet friend. xo.

    7 listopada 2014 o 01:25

  30. Beautiful and colorful!

    7 listopada 2014 o 01:50

  31. These flowers are beautiful! Such lovely photos. Thank you for visiting my blog. Wishing you a wonderful week.

    7 listopada 2014 o 02:33

  32. I enjoy eating Kale. I didn’t know there were decorative ones. The colors of these in your photos are wonderful. I will never look at Kale as just green again. Very nice, Marko. 🌺

    7 listopada 2014 o 08:42

  33. Ciao, Marko, notevoli scatti e tutto molto bello
    Felice week end

    7 listopada 2014 o 09:22

  34. Oh my, Marko. These plants look like cabbages indeed. Very colourful ones too. They really do offer a „splash of colour” to fall and winter, as you said. Great photos, Thanks for sharing!

    7 listopada 2014 o 10:56

  35. Thank’s for your invite Marko and I always love your photos 🙂 Have a great weekend mu friend hugs and kisses Nicki

    7 listopada 2014 o 11:13

  36. Vynikajúce fotografie nádherných odrôd ozdobnej kapusty.

    7 listopada 2014 o 13:42

  37. Marko wonderful flowers !!! I wish you good weekend!!!

    7 listopada 2014 o 15:02

  38. Coucou Marko
    elles sont magnifiques ces images j’adore les couleurs
    je te remercie de nous les faire partager et te souhaite un excellent week-end

    7 listopada 2014 o 15:33

  39. They are beautiful Marko!
    have a nice week end

    7 listopada 2014 o 17:27

  40. Beautiful..!!!

    7 listopada 2014 o 17:29

  41. Je krásná, k jídlu asi není a to je dobře, říkám to stále, že žaludek nemá být smyslem života, že to má být něco krásného a kapusta to tedy je.

    7 listopada 2014 o 17:55

  42. Muito obrigada pelas lindas flores . Um abraço. Bom fim de semana. Maria rosariomarada

    7 listopada 2014 o 18:49

  43. rosariomarada

    Flores magníficas gravadas em fotos extraordinárias. Vou enviar-te um pps sobre o nosso Rio Douro que certamenta também vai ajudar-te a passar o fim de semana. O coro musical que acompanha é da minha UNIVERSIDADE. Sinto tantas saudades que acabo sempre a chorar. Beijinho. Abraço

    7 listopada 2014 o 19:16

  44. How interesting and colorful, Marko! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

    7 listopada 2014 o 23:05

  45. magnifiques couleurs;;splendides tes photos,,bonne soirée avec amitié

    8 listopada 2014 o 22:09

  46. BUONA DOMENICA hugs!

    9 listopada 2014 o 07:08

  47. Fiammanera78

    cześć drogiego przyjaciela ,
    w Tym tygodniu ,
    W Pracy ,
    miałem Osiem godzin KURS NA sicezza …
    JAK nudne !
    Miłego weekendu ! 😉

    9 listopada 2014 o 11:02

  48. Love these.. Thank you for sharing.. I should grow some of these Cabbages in my garden.. They are delightful 🙂 😀

    9 listopada 2014 o 15:01

  49. This cabbage looks like flowers 🙂 Very beautiful details )

    9 listopada 2014 o 15:13

  50. cat

    … my chosen grand mother calls me „kapusta” … smiles …

    9 listopada 2014 o 16:28

  51. Superbes! merci Marko.
    Douce soirée et une belle semaine a venir.
    Amitiés, bise,


    9 listopada 2014 o 16:57

  52. Very colorful and amazing texture. Beautiful photo shot Marko. Regards!

    10 listopada 2014 o 06:57

  53. I apologize Marko for not responding earlier. I always visit your page, I hope to see you visiting and like my page as well, this means a lot to me. Thank you!

    10 listopada 2014 o 09:15

  54. Very nice foto! grazie per la tua visita nel mio blog 🙂 NICE foto nice blog! Lisa

    10 listopada 2014 o 13:49

  55. Dolce Notte 🙂

    10 listopada 2014 o 21:16

  56. Lovely blooms!

    11 listopada 2014 o 06:36

  57. Waouh Marko ! Toujours aussi magnifique ! Je te souhaite une bonne semaine.

    11 listopada 2014 o 17:46

  58. Belas flores, Marko!
    Doce noite!

    12 listopada 2014 o 22:49

  59. Pozdrowienia z Anglii, Marko!
    Dziękujemy za dzielenie się piękne zdjęcia
    Są piękne kwiaty
    i przypominają nam o wiosnę, podczas gdy jesteśmy w zimie!

    12 listopada 2014 o 23:51

  60. Bom dia, meu querido!

    16 listopada 2014 o 11:17

  61. Mathilde 1305

    Great colors Marko, Beautifull.. Hugs Mathilde

    29 listopada 2014 o 11:48

  62. Love it …

    3 grudnia 2014 o 12:12

  63. De très jolies photos ! Bonne soirée

    5 grudnia 2014 o 20:29

  64. coucou Marko
    eles sont superbes ces photos j’aime beaucoup les couleurs, c’est toujours un plaisir de venir sur ton bel espace
    je te souhaite une très bonne semaine

    15 grudnia 2014 o 14:22

  65. Very beautiful in all the colors and you have my best wishes to

    15 grudnia 2014 o 17:41


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