Meeting with Wolves – Spotkanie z Wilkami

Grey Wolf

Wolf 01

Historically, the grey wolf held the title of the world’s most widely distributed land mammal. It ranged throughout much of the northern hemisphere, from Mexico, north through North America to the Arctic, and throughout most of Eurasia, as far south as southern India. Today, however, this species has a more restricted distribution, occurring mainly in wilderness and remote areas of Canada, Alaska, northern USA, Europe and Asia, and is extinct in parts of Western Europe, Mexico and the USA.

Wolf 02

Wolf 03

Wolf 04

Wolf 06

Wolf 10

Wolf 07

Wolf 08

Top facts

*The grey wolf is the largest wild canid, or member of the ‚dog’ family
*Found in many different coat colours, the grey wolf may be grey, red, brown, black, or almost pure white
*A very intelligent predator, the grey wolf can work in a group to bring down large prey up to ten times its size
*Grey wolves usually live in packs, with a dominant breeding pair

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33 Komentarze

  1. araanz50


    31 lipca 2015 o 07:56

  2. Bellissimo ❤ buon weekend Marko

    31 lipca 2015 o 08:20

  3. Ils sont beaux ces loups…superbes photos
    Bonne journée

    31 lipca 2015 o 10:17

  4. Wow, que tes photos sont belles, magnifiques!!! Bise et bon vendredi tout doux!

    31 lipca 2015 o 10:37

  5. Comme il est gracieux!

    31 lipca 2015 o 11:48

  6. Great photo’s of the wolfs but I’m not fan to let them free al over the world and thats what they are doing now.Germeny,France had find thim again in, their country

    31 lipca 2015 o 11:51

  7. une belle bête

    31 lipca 2015 o 15:44

  8. vever02

    They are gorgeous your pictures Marko.
    I love wolves and this is trite to see the harm that the man makes them …
    I wish you a good weekend.

    31 lipca 2015 o 15:51

  9. Wonderful photos, Marko! 😃

    31 lipca 2015 o 15:57

  10. Hello my dear friend, I think the images of wolves that have chosen are very beautiful.. I love canines: dogs, wolves and jackals .. and I think that wolves are very beautiful in their natural state .. Happy Friday afternoon dear friend .. !!! A hug and kiss …with love..

    31 lipca 2015 o 17:10

  11. 31 lipca 2015 o 17:16

  12. Hello dear friend! beautiful photos! these wolves are beautiful! a big hug!

    31 lipca 2015 o 17:29

  13. Hola querido amigo**hermosas las fotos de los lobos *****

    mi cariño**

    buen fin de semana***

    31 lipca 2015 o 17:59

  14. 31 lipca 2015 o 18:24

  15. Bellissime foto, un abbraccio Marko, buon weekend, 🙂

    31 lipca 2015 o 21:44

  16. Hello Friend Marko;Beautiful photos one more beautiful than others !!! Congratulations, affectionately I leave you a big hug and affection..

    1 sierpnia 2015 o 23:09

  17. 1 sierpnia 2015 o 23:15

  18. Fajne, bardzo dziękuję !

    2 sierpnia 2015 o 11:58

  19. Olá Marko. Obrigada pelo carinho. Senti grande alegria a admirar tão belas, belíssima fotos. Gostei muito. Um beijinho. Maria.

    2 sierpnia 2015 o 18:16

  20. araanz50

    Boa noite, meu amor, Marko…..Eu te amo!
    Belas fotos de Lobos

    Esse vídeo é uma comovente história de Lobo
    Beijos, meu amor….Te Amo!

    4 sierpnia 2015 o 01:24

  21. Bonjour Marko, tes photos de loups sont magnifiques. Tu as eu beaucoup de chance d’en voir!
    Bien amicalement

    8 sierpnia 2015 o 14:58

  22. Marko, these photographs are magnificent!
    What a beautiful creature.
    wishing you a wonderful week sweet friend. xo.

    9 sierpnia 2015 o 21:15

  23. Toujours de magnifiques photos !

    15 sierpnia 2015 o 01:49

  24. Mathilde 1305

    Beautiful fotos, we have to manny here in the forest, … have a nice summertime.. Hugs Mathilde

    16 sierpnia 2015 o 11:44

  25. Thanks for your comment dear Marko.
    It’s really beautiful photos. I like them so much,
    you are a great photograph.
    I wish you a happy evening and new week,*Hugs from Denmark to Poland.

    17 sierpnia 2015 o 20:36

  26. Szare Wilki to jeden z moich ulubionych zwierząt. i to są wspaniałe zdjęcia, które miały zamknąć się z nimi .. Dziękujemy za udostępnienie Marko

    Blessings Sue xx

    23 sierpnia 2015 o 14:38

  27. Olá Marko. Obrigada pelo convite. Vivo , por tamporadas, em terra de lobos e são uma raça protegida. A tradução é muito boa. Mas os lobos vivem em „ALCATEIAS” que agrupam várias famílias. Gostei muito. Hugs. Maria

    26 sierpnia 2015 o 19:19

  28. PARABÉNS neste teu dia de Aniversário. FELICIDADES, SAÚDE, PAZ e AMOR. Hugs Maria

    26 sierpnia 2015 o 19:22

  29. araanz50

    Feliz Aniversário , meu amor, Marko
    Eu te Amo! Beijos!!!

    26 sierpnia 2015 o 20:39

  30. Excellent shots, dear Marko!!!. All the best to you ⭐ Aquileana 😀

    6 września 2015 o 13:52

  31. HI MARKO
    XO XO XO

    12 września 2015 o 11:39

  32. Beautiful shots all round, Marko. Great photography as usual. My favourite shot would be the one where the dog is lapping up the water. Well timed 🙂

    30 listopada 2015 o 00:58

  33. araanz50

    5 marca 2016 o 22:31


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